Walk Details

Join the horder as we make our way through Silver Spring to bring the streets back from the dead. Here are a few key points to remember:

Montgomery County Police Support

This event would not happen were it not for the help and support of organizations like the 3rd District Police, Silver Spring Center, and various other local groups. They usually have other, more important things to attend to on a Saturday night in Silver Spring, so it goes without saying their service is much appreciated. PLEASE follow their direction during both the road closures and the walk so we can continue this event in the future.

Don't Be Evil

Thanks to the continued diligence of everyone involved, the walk has had very few "unfortunate" incidents over the years. We ask that you respect retailers, residences, cars, traffic signals, etc. Basically: have fun, but don't do stupid stuff.

Use Sidewalks

With the exception of the street closures on Selim and Sligo (and Ellsworth, which will already be closed to traffic), STAY ON THE SIDEWALKS. Closing down one lane of Georgia Avenue from Sligo all the way to Ellsworth wasn't feasible with walk and police staffing. PLEASE stay on the sidewalk until you reach Ellsworth.

Road Closures

Due to Jackie's closing, we will not be hosting the Zombie Walk on Sligo Avenue as in year's past.


After the walk, be sure to join the arterparties at Quarry House Tavern and Denizens Brewing Co. to keep the zombie fun going!

The Route

  1. GATHER from 7:00-8:00PM on Art's Alley, behind Denizens Brewing Co.
  2. Walk will start at 9:00PM
  3. BEGIN on Georgia Avenue at Art's Alley
  4. TURN LEFT/NORTH onto Georgia Avenue (sidewalk only)
  5. Cross Blair Mill Road
  6. Proceed under the metro overpass
  7. Immediately after the overpass, climb the stairs to the pedestrian crosswalk that crosses Georgia Avenue
  8. TURN LEFT/NORTH to continue on Georgia Avenue (sidewalk only)
  9. TURN RIGHT on Ellsworth (at AT&T)
  10. FOLLOW ELLSWORTH all the way to Fenton Street (And join the ZOMBIE DANCE PARTY!!)
  11. TURN LEFT onto Fenton Street (sidewalk only)
  12. TURN LEFT onto Colesville (sidewalk only)
  13. END at AFI Silver Theatre
  14. Stay for the 10:00 show of Night of the Creeps

Silver Spring Zombie Walk Route